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SeekingArrangement Review 2024

SeekingArrangement Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 63%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 25-50
Profiles 87 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 7.8
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • A registration process is easy and does not require odd actions
  • There are ten free available messages for free-based male members – an excellent motivation to start
  • Fee-based male members experience more minor obstacles and concurrence to communication with sugar babies
  • The number of sugar babies is much higher
  • The advanced search filter for premium members allows you to find an appropriate candidate much faster
  • The bulk of the essential features is available only for premium members
  • Many users feel tempted in front of the possibility to obtain financial awards and create fake profiles
  • Some profile owners at SeekingArrangement are engaged in escort services
  • Not all people can register here because of the high price
  • A verification process of the user’s financial status may be somewhat time-consuming

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When speaking about the best sugar daddies dating websites, SeekingArrangement should be mentioned first. In 2021, it is ranked as one of the most popular communities for sugar babies. Among the primary reasons for this is the fact that the website significantly cares about the safety and security of the subscribers’ data. SeekingArrangement may be the best platform to understand whether sugar daddy-sugar baby relationships will suit you or not. It will be an excellent opportunity for skeptics to see that such a type of relationship does exist, and even you may be involved in it easily. However, everything will depend on your readiness and desire to start this.

This website takes the best algorithms for finding appropriate matches for everybody. Matching filters are detailed enough and will take into account all the nuances you will indicate while filling in your profile. The main principle of SeekingArrangement’s work does not differ from other similar dating communities. It is necessary to sign in, create your profile, upload a photo and video content, write as much information as you wish, and start your journey in the field of sugar daddy relationships. The more open you are, the higher your chances are to find a wealthy partner who will open to you a completely different world. And, of course, such an opportunity cannot be free. It will be necessary to buy a premium account to obtain more extensive features and increase the chances of finding an appropriate match. One should be ready that the price may be slightly higher as compared to other dating services. Your journey through SeekingArrangement depends solely on you!


Pros and Cons


  1. A registration process is easy and does not require odd actions;
  2. There are ten free available messages for free-based male members – an excellent motivation to start;
  3. Fee-based male members experience more minor obstacles and concurrence to communication with sugar babies;
  4. The number of sugar babies is much higher;
  5. The advanced search filter for premium members allows you to find an appropriate candidate much faster.


  1. The bulk of the essential features is available only for premium members;
  2. Many users feel tempted in front of the possibility to obtain financial awards and create fake profiles;
  3. Some profile owners at SeekingArrangement are engaged in escort services;
  4. Not all people can register here because of the high price;
  5. A verification process of the user’s financial status may be somewhat time-consuming.

Both advantages and disadvantages are explicit and quite understandable. But what is undeniable is that SeekingArrangement manages to meet its primary aim successfully. The website helped thousands of sugar babies to find sponsors and improve their financial status. Sugar daddies, in their turn, receive beautiful partners near them. Both sides are always satisfied.


History of SeekingArrangement

SeekingArrangement is considered to be one of the most reputable sugar daddy services. It was created by Brandon Wade, a respected businessman originating from San Francisco. Since 2006, a year when he launched the website, the service developed and received more and more positive reviews from both sugar daddies (as well as mommas) and sugar babies. The pleasant companionship of the latter is an excellent gift for their sponsors. As a rule, sugar babies receive worthy presents and awards and motivate other young girls to follow their examples.

Nowadays, it is challenging to hear condemnation when someone is engaged in financial-based relationships. The community perceives it as a normal phenomenon. No one should be ashamed if they are interested in such types of relationships because it will be their choice. All the people are free in their choice. Moreover, it is a convenient way for establishing connections for both sides. That is why SeekingArrangement makes a significant contribution to making sugar daddy-sugar baby relations as comfortable as possible. Nowadays, it is a new niche in the dating market.

Due to many positive reviews, SeekingArrangement has managed to increase its members base drastically. Nowadays, the number of active members throughout the world reaches ten million subscribers. As for a traditional dating community, this number may not be surprising, but for a niche dating website, this number is significant.


Interface and Registration

The interface of SeekingArrangement is user-friendly enough. It does not have any distracting elements which may prevent it from perceiving essential aspects. The website’s management understands that there may be those who experience difficulties with various media platforms among sugar daddies and sugar mommy. That is why they made everything straightforward. An interface contains white and black colors. All the necessary headings are bolded and made visible enough. Additionally, they followed the same principle when creating the registration column. It is almost everything that is required from you. More detailed information about the registration process is explained below.

Registration Process. Is it Easy Here?

As in the majority of dating communities, the registration process at SeekingArrangement is straightforward. First of all, it is required to indicate how you would like to register: as a sugar daddy or a sugar baby in USA. Then, you should determine whom you are looking for (same-sex relations are also possible, although their number is minimal here). The next obligatory step will be the presentation of your email address to which you should receive a verification letter. It is necessary for registration. A verification for sugar daddies and lesbian sugar mamas is a must here (the website should know their income status). However, the requirement for other personal data is minimal.

SeekingArrangement cares about its subscribers and provides a discount for students who would like to register here. When registering with their college emails, sugar babies may adjust their account to premium absolutely for free. A significant benefit is an opportunity to log in via a Facebook account. Many personal data will be taken from there.


Profile Quality

A profile creation at SeekingArrangement does not have any pitfalls as well. It is highly recommended to enter as much personal information as possible. However, the profiles here are not detailed enough. The primary data that is essential here is the sum of money sugar daddies in UK are ready to spend on sugar babies. Each member should upload a profile photo. A verification process is necessary here as well. The website may compare the photo with the images on Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin. It is prohibited to post someone else’s photos. These photos are visible even for free-based members. However, you will be able to see the other photos from the user’s gallery only after they allow you to look through the images.

The main recommendation is being careful with fake profiles, which may be at SeekingArrangement despite all the verification steps. The majority of scammers are on the side of sugar babies in Canada who want to take sugar daddies’ money. That is why personal security measures are also necessary. Each profile may display recent activity. But advanced members may hide this information. Thus, your privacy is in your own hands.

Mobile Version and Website

A mobile version of SeekingArrangement almost wholly repeats the functions of the desktop version. Each year, a mobile application gains more and more users. The majority of those who prefer smartphone applications are sugar babies. For sugar daddies, a desktop version is more convenient. However, this tendency is changing. The main advantage of the app is that it determines your current location. Hence, the list of suggestions may vary depending on it. But one should not worry that someone will disclose their exact location to other members. Only your permission may give a road for it. As for usability, the application is easy to navigate. But the biggest drawback here is that only Android users may enjoy the SeekingArrangement app. However, it is easy to assume that wealthy people prefer iPhones.


Special Features

SeekingArrangement always cared about the retention of their current and potential clients. For this, they had to think about features, which will be different from their competitors. Thus, such features include the following:

  • Let’s Talk Sugar Blog. Here, the members of SeekingArrangement can discuss various topics related to such types of relationships. The users share their tips or other pieces of advice on how to behave or find an appropriate match;
  • Diamond Membership. This membership plan differs from a premium subscription. It is only available for sugar daddies and mommas. Only those who have been registered here for more than two months can upgrade their membership plan and obtain new opportunities;
  • Video Chat. This feature is also only for premium subscribers. Those users who are already in contact may enhance their communication with video calls.

Finding a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby

The easiest way to find a sugar daddy or sugar baby with the help of SeekingArrangement is to register, create a profile, and start searching. The registration for sugar babies is for free, while sugar daddies (or mommas) should pay for registration. However, taking into account their financial status, any fees are insignificant for them. Being a member of the website, they can start searching for an appropriate candidate. A search filter for sugar babies takes into account the income of successful men or women. As for sugar daddies’ search filter, it considers the age of the partner and the sum of money they prefer their sponsors donate to them. In such a way, everything is kept on financial-based relations, which is quite normal here.

How Does SeekingArrangement Work?

Despite the fact that seeking arrangement is a niche dating website, it works like any other dating community. It is required to register, create a profile, and fill in as much information as possible. The last fact determines your search results at SeekingArrangement.


Searching Options and Filters at SeekingArrangement

The search filters here take into account all the information mentioned during the initial registration. The same principle is in the other communities. However, a significant focus here is made on the income of sugar daddies and the financial expectations of sugar babies. This is what makes a website special. A user’s location is also taken into account.

Communication Methods

SeekingArrangement offers all the possible communication means to their subscribers. The easiest and the most common way is messaging. This feature is available for all the members. Although free members can send up to ten messages, they do not have an opportunity to read messages sent to them. The subscribers with premium accounts do not have restrictions in text communication.

The other advanced mean of communication is a video chat. It is available for members who are already in contact. Those who have already decided what they want may try video calling and see their partner from other sides, which they did not open before.

Additionally, the SeekingArrangement subscribers may communicate in blogs. This is not direct communication, but the community members share their personal stories here. In some blogs, they allow others to post comments. There starts another interlocution.

Alternatives for SeekingArrangement

SeekingArrangement is not the only sugar daddy website. Among the competitors, it is possible to name the following:

Among all of them, SeekingArrangement is known to be the top community for sugar daddies and babies. It is popular and has millions of subscribers worldwide. So each region may have active users, and chances to find partners here are more significant.

Membership Price and Payment Method

The status of the SeekingArrangement community hints that prices here are somewhat higher as compared to other daring services. The price here starts from $3 per day (we will present a detailed membership plan below).

The payment method is usual and does not have any extraordinary approaches. One may pay for the services with Credit cards (Visa or Mastercard). Additionally, it is possible to use a mobile number to pay or a PayPal service.

A premium membership plan has more features. So it is advisable to give it a priority.


Free Membership Features

  • Registration of the SeekingArrangement account is free of charge;
  • Filling of all the fields and profile creation is free;
  • Search filters are available;
  • Free-based subscribers have ten free messages, which they can send to others (but they cannot read the received messages).

Premium Membership Features

  • Premium accounts are free from popup messages and advertisements;
  • The search filter is detailed enough and takes into account even the smallest nuances;
  • It is possible to restrict messages from those who do not meet your criteria;
  • Video chat is available;
  • Premium members may get notifications when the recipient has already read their message
  • There is an opportunity to hide online status.

How Much Does It Cost to Use SeekingArrangement?

Duration Price Total
Premium subscription
One month $3.33 per day $99.99
Three months $3.00 per day $269.99
Premium one time (three months) $3.00 per day $269.99
Diamond subscription
One month $8.33 per day $249.99
Diamond one time (one month) $8.33 per day $249.99

SeekingArrangement is Not a Scam?

SeekingArrangement is a legit service, and it cannot be a scam because it is the most popular gay sugar daddy community. They care about their reputation. It does not support any illegal activities. Of course, scammers try to break the system, but they all are detected during the verification procedure. Significant attention here receive “sugar babies” who are looking for easy money. But those who have undergone all the steps of verification may approve that SeekingArrangement is not a scam. Their success stories are the best proof for it.


Protection and Storage of Information

All the shared information is private here. The users may not worry that any third parties get access to the subscribers’ data. The website supports the latest encryption data services and consistently implements the latest technologies. This website never supports fraudulent activities.

Customer Support

SeekingArrangement cares about the comfort of their clients, and they implemented 24/7 customers support. They advise their subscribers to report any signs of fraudulent activities. When someone has questions, they may send an email to [email protected]. You may expect the answer within the soonest.


How to Pass SeekingArrangement Verification?

The only way to pass verification at SeekingArrangement is to send legit documents. When the website has any doubts, they will never approve the account. Only true photos and income proofs are acceptable.

How to Delete SeekingArrangement Account?

The deletion of the account requires the following steps. It is necessary to open the Settings menu and find Deactivate or Delete Account buttons. Then, it is essential to choose the option among the offered ones. However, it is necessary to remember that the website does not refund advanced membership. The deletion option is available in both desktop and smartphone versions.

Does SeekingArrangement Really Work?

One may say with certainty that SeekingArrangement does work. The main proof for it is the number of active members on this platform. The number of successful stories due to SeekingArrangement is serious.

How to Block Someone on SeekingArrangement?

When you want to block someone, you should press the block button on the user’s profile. The blocked members cannot reach you by any means because they do not even see your profile.

How to Cancel SeekingArrangement Subscription?

Cancelation of SeekingArrangement subscription does not mean its deactivation. For this, you should contact the support department. They may approve the subscription cancelation, but the funds which were already paid will not be refunded.



SeekingArrangement is a popular niche dating community for financial-based relationships. This service has significant popularity among both sugar daddies and sugar babies. The worldwide popularity makes it possible to find a wealthy partner not only in your area but even in another country. Some people may take such service controversial, but the website never supports criminal or illegal activities, such as prostitution. Any fraudulent activities are not welcomed here as well. However, attempts to scam subscribers take place every day. Fortunately, the security system manages to prevent it at once. That is why those looking for secure sugar daddy arrangements may sign up to SeekingArrangement and start their journey in search of a wealthy partner.

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