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Sudy Review 2024

Sudy Review 2024
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Active Audience 54%
Quality Matches 82%
Popular Age 18-38
Profiles 985 500
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 8.7
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The majority of Sudy accounts are verified;
  • It is a paradise for sugar daddies because the number of young ladies here is four times higher;
  • About one and a half million subscribers are residents of the United States;
  • The successful rate of sugar daddy-sugar baby meetups is rather high;
  • Subscribers may communicate in the website’s chat rooms;
  • There are no restrictions to messaging as it is free and unlimited;
  • All the profile pictures are visible to all subscribers for free.
  • Subscribers often experience difficulties with the app when it crashes constantly;
  • The verification of personality and personal data is not required. It may take place in exclusive cases;
  • The number of scammers is high because of the mentioned above factor;
  • A swiping feature has restrictions towards the number of profiles in a given timeframe;
  • The competition among sugar babies is high because of their extensive number.

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Sudy occupies one of the highest places among sugar daddy dating communities due to its unusual approach to understanding financial-based relationships. Sudy was not at the forefront of sugar daddy concept creation. But it offered many innovative things in this field, which attracted more subscribers interested in sugar daddy dating. They will offer lots of resources where one can read through the articles about sugar relations and all the possible pitfalls. In such a way, it supports a social aspect and can be perceived as a socially responsible service. It functions as both a website and a mobile application. However, sometimes the app fails and needs time to recover.

Sudy has lots of attractive and positive features that contribute to retaining already registered subscribers and inviting new ones. It is an ideal place for sugar daddies because the number of active sugar babies is four times higher. Thus, daddies have an extensive list to choose from. When their accounts are verified, sugar daddies may start their journey through Sudy sugar babies and choose the prettiest and the most attractive young girl.

History of Sudy

History of Sudy

Sudy is a Hong Kong-based company that created a Sudy Limited corporation. Their niche dating websites are well-known throughout the world. Thus, they made mommas and LGBT-oriented applications, such as Les Sudy, Gay Sudy, and Cougar Sudy. There, one may find male sugar babies, homosexual or bisexual males, and females. But a standard Sudy is oriented on sugar daddies and female sugar babies.

Despite the presence of negative reviews concerning this community, its popularity is continually growing because of the positive experience of Sudy’s subscribers. This website was noticed in the media and had lots of extensive reviews throughout the web. There, people share their experiences. It may be surprising, but the number of successful dates for sugar babies is relatively high.

The available number of subscribers at Sudy reaches three million active members throughout the world. About half of them reside in the United States. The majority of sugar babies are part-time working students who are looking for easier money and hope to meet their generous sugar daddies at Sudy. Of course, they need money to pay for tuition and other expenses. When speaking about sugar daddies or lesbian sugar mamas, the bulk of them is successful business people aged 40-45 years old. There are even cases when these males married girls met at this platform. Thus, a fairytale about Cinderella is more than accurate here.

Interface and registration

Sudy has an attractive design both in its desktop version and mobile application. It does not have elements that may distract the attention. The photos of users’ profiles are visible enough, and their size helps to understand whether the profile is worth being visited closer or not. It does not have unnecessary buttons. On the upper line, one will see the Search, Moments, Messages, and Connections buttons. There is a separation between those who are currently online or the newbies on this platform. The search filter takes everything into account. In such a way, the website made its use easy and comfortable. Even those who have never used dating websites will be pleased with this service.

A registration icon is also relatively straightforward. There, a subscriber has to indicate the date of birth, marital and income status, and several other important determinants. With a more detailed description of the registration process at Sudy, you may get acquainted in the next paragraph. So, follow us further.

Registration Process. Is It Easy Here?

egistration Process. Is It Easy Here?

The registration process at Sudy is really easy. It will not take more than 5-7 minutes (everything depends on how detailed you would describe yourself). The initial registration icon contains the following fields: birth date, relationship status, income, and location. The proof for the income may be your occupation. Later, it is necessary to fill in the fields about self-description and greeting words. Also, they will ask you to describe how you see your ideal date. All this information will help your potential partner to understand your personality and intentions. Additionally, it will ask about your gender, sexual orientation, and how you see your preferred role in relationships. A controversial aspect of the registration is the absence of identity verification. On the one hand, it will make the registration faster but, on the other hand, it will increase the number of scam users. After all the steps and registration questions, you will be able to log in to the website as a free user.

Profile Quality

The fulfillment of the profile depends on the subscribers’ desire to introduce themselves. Sudy allows its users to upload the introductory video in which the members describe themselves in brief. We would highly recommend using this feature because the potential matches may know you better. The profile is open for the uploading of video and photo content. Personal description occupies an important place in each profile. Sudy functions as a social media because the profile demonstrates all the content you have ever posted. There are no restrictions to the number of photos or videos, which one may upload here.

All the profiles at Sudy may verify their account by providing proof of their personality. In such cases, the website provides these profiles with a verification badge. Thus, other members will see that you are not a scammer. If you want to find a sugar daddy or sugar baby here, we recommend verifying the account. Then, the number of potential matches will increase significantly. Also, when you see that your profile is not successful among other members, you may adjust the profile information a little bit. Everybody may add new photos and videos as well. Make your profile work for you.

Mobile Version and Website

A significant benefit of the Sudy community is its presence as the desktop version and a mobile application. The Sudy app is not worse than the website. Its design is smooth and comfortable. Additionally, all the essential options are visible and easily accessible. The number of those who prefer mobile applications is more remarkable because its potential users (students and businessmen) are always on the move. They spend a significant time on their gadgets. However, some users report that the app experience sometimes crashes.

Despite the mentioned above drawback, the app has lots of attractive features. It allows you to swipe through the profiles located not far from you. Additionally, every user may adjust their profiles with the help of a smartphone because the app has access to video and voice recorders. Also, it allows you to upload moments from your smartphone. This feature makes Sudy closer to a social media platform. The profile verification is also possible through the application as it requires an actual photo taken with a phone. In such a way, a mobile app is worth being used because of its extensive opportunities.

Special Features

Special Features

Sudy takes a decent place in the sugar daddy dating niche. They always try to personalize your experience while keeping your safety and security in the first place. The following special features are based on the above principles:

  • Sudy blog. Here, subscribers provide their pieces of advice to both sugar daddies and sugar babies on how to behave right and reach your primary aim;
  • Profile verification. All profiles highlight all the verification steps that they have undergone. In such a way, other members define profiles whom they may trust;
  • Moments. The Sudy allows you to upload moments from your smartphone and look through them like on social media platforms;
  • Sugars and Ranking. Here, one may send gifts in the form of “sugar.” The profiles with more such gifts appear at the top of search results.

Finding a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby

Sudy has managed to collect all the essential features from different dating platforms. However, its principle of finding potential matches is similar to many apps and websites. The website may offer you possible matches (those who were ranked the highest), and every member may search for matches according to different criteria. Also, we have mentioned earlier that the completion of your profile determines your chances to find a desired sugar daddy or sugar baby. Let’s look at how everything works here.

How Does Sudy Work?

Sudy’s principle of work does not differ from many similar platforms. During the initial registration, it is recommended to fill in as much information as you are ready to. The availability of this information will determine your position in search results. It is not a secret that everybody is looking for a partner with similar interests and preferences. That is why the community members will enter all the essential features they expect to see in their partner.

Searching Options and Filters at Sudy

Searching Options and Filters at Sudy

On the first page of the website, one will find lots of sugar babies profiles. They are presented like in the Tinder application. You have access to profiles of sugar babies, and you can swipe to approve or reject the profile. But do not swipe too fast because you have only ten swipes per half a minute. All the profiles that come across to you matching with your preferences. They appear in front of you because of your location, status, and personal preferences. Also, the frequency of female appearance in the search results depends on the ranking results obtained from male members. Those who are at the top have greater chances to find a successful sugar daddy.

Communication methods

The initial way of communication at Sudy is introductory videos, which sugar babies post for others. Their profile photos perform the same function. Apart from ordinary messaging, community members can communicate with the help of blogs. Additionally, there are chat rooms where sugar babies can find their sponsors.

Alternatives For Sudy

The number of sugar daddy websites is rather high. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Among the alternatives to Sudy, we may name the following:

The Sudy may not be so populous, but it has some benefits. Everything is up to the subscriber. Also, this website has features of social media platforms like Instagram as it allows everyone to save moments and look through them later.

Membership Price and Payment Method

The membership price is not the highest here compared to other sugar daddy websites, but somewhat higher than not-niche dating sites. The premium plan for sugar daddies starts from $41 per month when buying a half-year subscription. For sugar babies, this price starts from $8 per month. Also, it is possible to buy coins as a Sudy’s currency. We will discuss detailed pricing further.

The payment methods include Credit Cards (Visa or Mastercard), PayPal, and WeChat (taking into account that the service originates from China).

Free Membership Features

Free Membership Features
  • Registration and creation of the profile;
  • One may use search options;
  • Looking through profiles is free;
  • It is possible to post moments.

Premium Membership Features

A Sudy’s premium membership offers much more useful options:

  • Unlimited messaging;
  • Viewing through photo and video content of sugar babies;
  • Viewing through their personal information with all details;
  • It is possible to switch an incognito mode;
  • There is an opportunity to see those who visited your profile;
  • One may comment on the moments.

How Much Does It Cost to Use Sudy?

Duration Price Total
Premium Daddies
One month $69.99 per month $69.99
Three months $56.66 per month $169.99
Six months $41.67 per month $249.99
Premium Babies
One month $14.99 per month $14.99
Three months $11.66 per month $34.99
Six months $8.33 per month $49.99
50 Coins $0.06 per coin $2.99
2,000 Coins $0.03 per coin $69.99
16,000 Coins $0.02 per coin $399.99

Sudy Is Not a Scam?

Yes, Sudy is not a scam. This service helped hundreds of sugar babies and sugar daddies to make arrangements. The statistics show that more than half of matches end in real-life meetings. However, it is necessary to remember that Sudy does not require an obligatory verification. That is why the number of scammers here is more significant than on other platforms. But the website blocks them immediately when the fake status of the profile is approved.

Protection and Storage of Information

Protection and Storage of Information

Sudy cares about the safety and protection of their customer’s information. They never share any personal data with third parties. However, they cannot protect their clients when they share their personal data with other profiles in private conversations. That is why be careful and never communicate with doubtful profiles until you’re 100% sure of their fairness. All the uploaded information is stored in the encrypted servers. So, one should not be worried that they will be stolen.

Customer Support

Customer support is available via the email [email protected]. If someone has any concerns, they should send an email to the support department. They will respond within the shortest time because they work 24/7. Your appeal will receive more attention if you send the proof from chats or other valid confirmation of scamming activity or something like that.


How to Pass Sudy Verification?

The verification is not obligatory here. But verified accounts have certain advantages. Thus, sugar babies should send their photos taken from the phone while doing a particular movement or gesture. For sugar daddies, it is necessary to upload some documents that may prove their income.

How to delete Sudy account?

The deactivation of the account is available only via the application. It is necessary to press the Settings button, My Account, and press the Deactivate Account button.

Does Sudy Really Work?

Does Sudy Really Work?

The majority of Sudy reviews show that the website works. It helped hundreds of sugar babies to find their sponsors and establish a successful and carefree life, about which they have always dreamt.

How to Block Someone On Sudy?

If you would like to block someone on Sudy, you should press three dots near the profile’s photo and choose the option to block this profile. Also, it is possible to report the profile. It would be better to send screenshots of the chat where the apparent signs of fraudulent activities are present. Then, the profile will be blocked immediately.

How to cancel Sudy subscription?

If someone wants to cancel the Sudy subscription, they have to inform the support department about this decision. But one should take into account that the previously paid money is not refunded. Even if you paid a half-year subscription and decided to cancel the subscription in three days, they will not be able to return this money to you.



Without a doubt, Sudy deserves your attention because it is one of the most developed sugar daddy communities for young and beautiful sugar babies. Verification is not obligatory here. But the verified accounts have stamps on their profiles and gain more popularity than non-verified accounts. The subscribers may post various photo and video content to attract the attention of wealthy and generous sugar daddies. Also, subscribers may use this platform like social media since it allows them to post moments and look through them further. This niche dating community gains wider popularity among both sugar babies and sugar daddies. That is why when you are looking for successful males or beautiful young girls who need your money, feel free to visit Sudy, and all your dreams and plans will come true.

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