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SugarBook Review 2024

SugarBook Review 2024
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Active Audience 58%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 21-41
Profiles 1 250 500
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 7.7
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Female student subscribers obtain a free premium subscription after demonstration of the proof that they are students;
  • Mobile applications are available for both Android and iOS;
  • All subscribers should undergo the 24-hours approval of their accounts;
  • The profiles are detailed enough to know all the necessary information;
  • The design of the website does not have any unnecessary details;
  • Messaging is possible only after verification. Thus, you will not receive fraudulent messages.
  • The membership price is relatively high here;
  • The website does not provide its subscribers with full or even partial refunds;
  • The mobile application does not work well all the time. Often, it experiences crashes. However, all the lost data may be restored without problems;
  • The profile creation and verification are somewhat time-consuming. But this contributed to the safety and security measures.

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SugarBook occupies one of the leading positions in the sugar daddy dating niche due to its numerous advantages. This service helps sugar babies to connect with wealthy benefactors who are ready to supply them financially. This website’s primary aim is to establish mutually beneficial relationships between sugar babies and sugar daddies. A distinctive feature of this website is the fact that people meet here for long-term relationships. Hookups or casual dating is not welcomed here. That is why the users pay significant attention not only to the solvency of benefactors but also to their inner world.

The concept of sugar daddy has somewhat changed recently because even those in their middle 20th may be sugar daddies if their status is significant in society. The age of SugarBook subscribers varies from 20 to 50+ years old. Some of the sugar daddies inherited their parents’ wealth and the others managed to earn it by themselves. Here, it does not matter. Among the female subscribers, there are those within 20 and middle 30 years old. They are beautiful, energetic, and simply hot singles. The sugar daddies are looking for such hot girls. Fortunately for sugar daddies, female subscribers outnumber the latter in the ratio of 65% to 35%. At the same time, it creates a serious competition between student girls who have to demonstrate their best traits to attract the attention of their potential benefactor. Let’s look through the Sugarbook review to understand all the advantages and disadvantages of the service.

History of SugarBook

History of SugarBook

It is possible to state with confidence that SugarBook is a reputable sugar daddy community. This service has attracted attention because what they said about their primary aim is to establish long-lasting relationships. Such an attitude may raise only positive emotions in the community. Thus, such reputable newspapers and editions have posted their detailed reviews about this service. The majority of reviews were positive.

Some websites categorize the SugarBook website as an elite singles community, and it is true. All the male subscribers prove their personality and income status with valid documents. That is why beautiful girls may hope for the best attitude from their benefactors. Those who have already improved their lives with the help of this dating community will prove the above fact. Here, one may not only find financial support but a reliable partner for the rest of life. SugarBook is waiting for their rich and beautiful singles. Just register and they will make everything for you!

Interface and Registration

SugarBook understands that their potential members (here, we speak more about sugar daddies) may be of all ages. That is why they cared about the comfort and usability of their website. The interface of the SugarBook is relatively straightforward. All the steps to find a partner or investigate the website’s settings are pretty simple.

The developers of the website managed to make its design and interface user-friendly. Hence, even the beginner should not experience difficulties. The SugarBook application also has excellent design and functionality. Pleasant colors and simple buttons allow the application or the mobile version of the website even on the move. The profile photos of sugar babies are large enough and have a short description with their age and location. All these items are filled during the registration process, which is relatively straightforward and does not require any unusual things. To understand more about registration, please read the following passage.

Registration Process. Is It Easy Here?

Registration Process. Is It Easy Here?

As it was mentioned above, the registration at SugarBook is relatively simple, and it is free of charge. The initial icon requires to indicate only several icons: your gender and who you are looking for (sugar baby or sugar daddy). Then, it is necessary to write your actual name and email address. Also, it is required to confirm that you are over 18 years old because the entry for youngsters below 18 years old is prohibited. In any case, the actual age will be checked by the website’s administration. Fortunately, the SugarBook community offers registration with Facebook. The website will take the majority of required information from there and will save some time.

In general, the registration process will take up to five minutes. It includes uploading the profile photo (everybody can see it) and private albums (only the registered users and approved by you may look through these photos). Additionally, it is recommended to add the description, which may also determine sugar daddies’ attitude to your personality. After you take all the required steps to create your account, it will be necessary to confirm your email by clicking on the required button in the letter you will receive. As a result, your profile will be verified. However, be ready that the verification process will take at least one day.

Profile Quality

Profiles at SugarBook are rather detailed and contain all the information, which the subscribers provided during registration. A new profile should undergo a one-day verification, and then its owner will be able to send and receive messages and send private photos. Even the free-based accounts may look through the completed profiles of other subscribers. Additionally, they can see the profile photos in full size. As a rule, the photos are attractive and contain a short description at the bottom.

The personalization of accounts by adding detailed descriptions makes the profile more attractive for other SugarBook members. When the profile owner experiences specific changes in their life, they may further adjust the profile information by adding or deleting some points. The users may add some photos to their Private archive, and access to those photos will be restricted. Also, the website may determine your geolocation and share it with the other users when you provide permission. In general, a profile owner determines how attractive their profile may be.

Mobile Version and Website

Mobile Version and Website

Yes, SugarBook cared about the creation of mobile applications and managed to make it great. The app is accessible through both Google Play Market and Apple App Store. The application is no less comfortable than its website. It is easy to navigate and understand all the essential functions. Also, its minimalistic design does not create any obstacles for navigating the app. All the necessary information is somewhat visible. The SugarBook subscribers may use the application even on the move.

All the steps, including the registration and searching for partners, are the same in the desktop version and mobile application. Users receive all necessary notifications about the received messages and when someone added your profile to their favorite list.

Special Features

The majority of special features offered by SugarBook were designed to guarantee success for sugar babies or lesbian sugar mamas who would like to improve their overall life. Not all communities are ready to provide the following services:

  • Student program. This feature relates to female subscribers who are current college or university students. When they use their college email during registration and may provide any proof of enrollment, the website gives a free premium subscription for them. This subscription type has more opportunities and makes it easy for pretty girls to win the heart of their sugar daddies.
  • One-day approval scheme. During this time, sugar daddies should provide proof of their personality and income status. In such a way, they ensure that they can support their sugar babies by different means. Also, sugar babies may be sure that their benefactor has enough resources to make them happier.

Finding a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby

Alternatives for SugarBook

SugarBook is not a single sugar daddy website in its niche. Among the competitors, we would name the following communities:

The list of direct competitors is longer. But SugarBook offers serious relationships to both sugar babies and sugar daddies in UK. No one is looking for short-term relationships here. Also, it provides a free premium subscription for female students who can prove their current enrolment status.

Membership Price and Payment Method

At SugarBook, only registration and some primary functions are free of charge. The paid subscription ensures the limitless use of the service and its opportunities. The price for premium subscriptions here is above average. A monthly fee starts here from $60 (this price will be actual when you buy a half-year subscription). But numerous reviews show that this price is worthy at SugarBook.

The subscribers at this website may provide payment with the help of a credit card (Mastercard or Visa) or such payment services as Discover, Delta, JBC, and others. Go on reading to know the features of each membership plan and their prices.

Free Membership Features

  • Registration and profile creation are always for free;
  • A basic search through the registered users does not require payment as well;
  • Messaging option is available, but it is somewhat limited;
  • You may add certain profiles to a favorite list.

Premium Membership Features

Premium Membership Features
  • The advanced search filter will open to fee-based members;
  • You can see if your message was read;
  • Messaging feature is unlimited;
  • You can see who has saved your profile to a favorite list or simply looked through it;
  • You may launch the incognito mode and hide the online status.

How Much Does It Cost to Use SugarBook?

Duration Price per month Total
One month $79.95 per month $79.95
Three months $69.95 per month $209.85
Six months $59.95 per month $359.70

SugarBook is considered to be one of the safest and most reliable services in the sugar mommy or daddy dating market. This service is not a scam because its activity managed to help hundreds of subscribers to establish mutually beneficial relationships. Many people trust this website because it stipulates long-lasting relationships. Also, it cares about the safety and security of the subscribers. Additionally, it always tries to eliminate any signs of fraudulent activities.

Protection and Storage of Information

Protection and Storage of Information

During registration, users post many personal facts related to their social and private life. Additionally, subscribers provide proof of their income status or membership at college. None of these facts is shared with the third parties without the subscribers’ consent. The website’s administration cannot share any data, which is not reflected on the profile’s pages. Sometimes, scammers try to steal information from the website, but SugarBook’s security measures and data encryption prevent them from doing it. That is why there are more than enough reasons to trust this dating community.

Customer Support

According to many users’ reviews, the SugarBook support department is somewhat responsive and always tries to help in difficult situations. When there are some challenges, it is necessary to write to their email: [email protected]. It is especially recommended to do it when you notice any suspicious activity or would like to solve some technical issues.


How to pass SugarBook verification?

Verification is an obligatory step at SugarBook. All the subscribers have to respond to an email sent by the website. Additionally, sugar daddies have to send valid documents, which prove their status and income. Female subscribers may send proof of their college enrolment status when they would like to receive a free premium subscription. A verification procedure lasts at least 24 hours.

How to delete a SugarBook account?

At SugarBook, it is possible to deactivate an account. But the subscription period does not stop. It expires as was agreed initially. When someone would like to delete the account, it is necessary to write to the support department and verify your decision to delete your profile with all the data.

Does SugarBook Really Work?

Does SugarBook Really Work?

Yes, SugarBook does really work. It helps to establish long-lasting financial-based relationships, which often lead to the creation of families. There are dozens of success stories where a student girl managed to find a benefactor and marry him in the future.

How to block someone on SugarBook?

The option to block a profile is available for all the subscribers. For this, it is necessary to press on the particular menu folder near the profile picture and choose an option to block. After this, they will not find you in the search results and will not be able to look through your profile page.

How to cancel SugarBook subscription?

They report that it is difficult to cancel a subscription when using credit cards. Although, it is possible. But the website never provides a complete or even partial refund. Even when the money was paid several days before, no one will return it to you.



As can be seen, SugarBook is a reputable sugar daddy dating community among niche websites. It caters to the establishment of mutually beneficial relationships between sugar daddies and sugar babies in USA. Without any doubts, men will be pleased with an extensive choice of beautiful, young, and hot girls who are excited to meet their sponsors and improve their lives. Moreover, all of the profiles are verified here. That is why you will never meet scammers here. The website offers serious security measures, and subscribers must not worry that somebody can steal their information. In such a way, we would recommend this community for sugar daddies looking for hot sugar babies. The last, in their turn, will not be disappointed by the generosity and opportunities of sugar daddies. Thus, sign up at SugarBook, and you will never regret it.

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